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Next Meeting: Tues Feb 13 at 6:00 PM

"Anal Continence Function & Dysfunction: Present & Future"
Ravinder Mittal, MD

Red O Restaurant
4340 La Jolla Village Dr
San Diego, CA 92122
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Future Meetings

Previous Meetings

Jan 10, 2018
"Ergonomics in Endoscopy"
Michael Chang, MD

Nov 7, 2017
"Bariatrics and the Gastroenterologist"
Amir Zarrinpar, MD

Oct 10, 2017
"Updates in IBD"
Brigid Boland, MD

Sept 13, 2017
"New Hepatitis C Medications"
Paul Pockros, MD
Scripps Clinic

June 22, 2017
"Genetic Testing for Familial Gastrointestinal Cancer Syndromes"
Rick Boland, MD
Baylor University Medical Center

May 30, 2017
"Gastroenterology Endoscopy Update"
Thomas Savides, MD

April 26, 2017
"Managing HBV in Advanced Liver Disease"
Robert Gish, MD
Stanford University

February 15, 2017
"Eosinophilic Esophagitis"
Fouad Moawad, MD
Scripps Clinic

January 11, 2017
"Update on the treatment of Hepatitis C"
Paul Pockros, MD
Scripps Clinic

November 16, 2016
"Update on Celiac disease, IBS, Food intolerances"
Sheila Crowe, MD

October 12, 2016
"Update on Liver Transplantation"
Carrie Frenette, MD
Scripps Clinic

September 14, 2016
"Colon Cancer Screening and Updates on Guidelines"
Walter Coyle, MD
Scripps Clinic

June 29, 2016
"Diseases of the Small Bowel"
Denise Kalmaz, MD

May 18, 2016
"Treatment of UC: Clinical Case Scenarios"
Russell Cohen, MD
University of Chicago

April 20, 2016
"Advances in Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer"
Darren Sigal, MD
Scripps Clinic

Feb 17, 2016
"IBS-Diarrhea and Treatment Options including Viberzi"
Daniel Meline, MD
Arizona Digestive Health

Jan 13, 2016
"Harvoni: Changing What is Possible With A Breakthrough Treatment"
Paul Pockros, MD
Scripps Clinic

Nov 4, 2015
"Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound and its Application to the Specialty of Gastroenterology"
Stephanie Wilson, MD
University of Calgary

Oct 7, 2015
"Laboratory testing in the diagnosis, management and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease"
Shervin Rabizadeh, MD

Sept 16, 2015
"Impact of Viread on Chronic Hepatitis B: Clinical Studies at 8 Years"
Truong-Sinh Leduc, MD
Leduc Medical Group

June 24, 2015
"The Reflux Care Continuum and Barrett's Esophagus: Detect Early, Treat Early"
Jason Samarasena, MD
UC Irvine

May 27, 2015
"Transition from pediatic to adult specialty care for IBD patients"
Jeannie Huang, MD
Rady Children's Hospital San Diego

Apr 9, 2015
"The Emerging Role of Food in IBS"
William Chey, MD
University of Michigan

Feb 25, 2015
"New Treatments for Hepatitis C"
Carrie Frenette, MD
Scripps Clinic

Jan 21, 2015
"New Treatments for IBD"
William Sandborn, MD

Oct 9, 2014
"Key issues in the management of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease"
Rohit Loomba, MD

Aug 27, 2014
"HCV Advances: Focus on treatment of HCV in cirrhosis population"
Robert Gish, MD
Robert Gish Consultants, LLC

July 23, 2014
"Pancreatic insufficiency and chronic pancreatitis: a case-based approach"
Walter Coyle, MD
Scripps Clinic

May 21, 2014
"HCC - Update on surveillance and management"
Yuko Kono, MD

April 23, 2014
"Endoscopic evaluation and management of Barrett's esophagus"
Kenneth Chang, MD
UC Irvine School of Medicine

Feb 19, 2014
"Hereditary Colon Cancer"
Samir Gupta, MD

Jan 8, 2014
"Update on HCV Therapy: Sovaldi (sofosbuvir)"
Paul Pockros, MD
Scripps Clinic

Nov 6, 2013
"Update on Therapies for IBS"
Mark Pimentel, MD

Oct 9, 2013
"Era of Personalized Medicine"
Marla Dubinsky, MD

Sept 25, 2013
"Pancreatic Cyst Management Update"
Thomas Savides, MD
UC San Diego

August 14, 2013
"Achalasia, Esophageal Disorders and PPI Resistant Heartburn"
Ravinder Mittal, MD
UC San Diego

July 17, 2013
"Short Bowel Syndrome and New Targeted Treatments"
Ken Fujioka, MD
Scripps Clinic

June 19, 2013
"Surgical Management of Acid Reflux: LINX Reflux Management System"
Santiago Horgan, MD
Chief, Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery, UCSD

May 29, 2013
“Newly approved therapies for ulcerative colitis: where do adalimumab and budesonide fit in?”
William Sandborn, MD and Barrett Levesque, MD
UC San Diego School of Medicine

May 15, 2013
"Update on Treatment of Hepatitis B: VIREAD Clinical Trial Results"
Tram Tran, MD
Medical Director of Liver Transplantation, Cedars-Sinai

Apr 17, 2013
"There is no one ‘Best’ colorectal cancer screening test: the proof and the benefits of getting FIT"
James Allison, MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine Emeritus, UCSF

Apr 3, 2013
“The Impact of Alkalinization of Gastric Juice by PPIs on Columnar Lined Esophagus and GERD”
Para Chandrasoma, MD
Chief of Pathology, LAC+USC Medical Center

Feb 12, 2013
"What Every Gastroenterologist Needs to Know About Liver Transplant"
Catherine Frenette, MD
Scripps Clinic

Nov 28, 2012
"Update on Systemic Therapies for HCC with Focus on ADI-PEG20"
Ghassan Abou-Alfa, MD
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Nov 15, 2012
"Post AASLD Update on HBV"
Robert Gish, MD
UC San Diego School of Medicine

Oct 10, 2012
"Update on Endoscopic Management of Barretts Esophagus"
Kenneth Chang, MD
UC Irvine School of Medicine

Sept 19, 2012
"Diagnostic and Management Dilemmas in Celiac Disease"
Sheila Crowe, MD
UCSD, Director of Research

Aug 8, 2012
"Use of “Anser IFX” in monitoring of infliximab therapy"
Bincy Abraham, MD
Baylor College of Medicine

June 20, 2012
"Management of Chronic Hepatitis B"
Fred Poordad, MD
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

May 2, 2012
"Update from the EASL meeting on HCV therapy"
Paul Pockros, MD
Scripps Clinic

April 11, 2012
"Neuroendocrine Tumors and Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST): Challenges for Gastroenterologists"
Eric Liu, MD
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Jan 18, 2012
"IBD Therapy in Young Adults"
Barrett Levesque, MD
Scripps Clinic

Nov 15, 2011
"Post-AASLD Update"
Paul Pockros, MD
Scripps Clinic

Oct 12, 2011
"Radiofrequency Ablation for Barrett's Esophagus"
Venkataraman Raman Muthusamy, MD
UCLA Medical Center

Sept 21, 2011
"New Therapies in Hepatitis C"
Fred Poordad, MD
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

August 17, 2011
"Advances in IBD Therapy: New Treatments and New Studies"
William Sandborn, MD
UCSD, Division Chief of Gastroenterology

July 13, 2011
"Management of Chronic HBV"
Robert Gish, MD
UCSD, Division of Hepatology/Organ Transplant

June 22, 2011
"An Interactive Case Study Discussion of Neuroendocrine Tumors"
Darren Sigal, MD
Scripps Clinic, Division of Hematology/Oncology

April 21, 2011
"Advances in Enteroscopy"
Oleh Haluszka, MD
Fox Chase Cancer Center

February 16, 2011
"Gut Microbiome"
Walter Coyle, MD
Scripps Clinic

November 10, 2010
"New Hepatitis C Therapies"
Paul Pockros, MD
Scripps Clinic

October 6, 2010
"Crohn's Disease: Answering Key Clinical Questions with Case Studies"
Christian Stone, MD
University of Nevada School of Medicine

September 15, 2010
"Neuroendocrine Tumors: The Importance of Early Recognition"
Rodney Pommier, MD
Oregon Health & Science University

August 11, 2010
"Updates in GERD Management"
David Lichtenstein, MD
Boston University School of Medicine

July 15, 2010
"Women's Issues in IBD"
Uma Mahadevan, MD
UC San Francisco Medical Center
Download: Mahadevan U. "Inflammatory bowel disease and pregnancy: an update" Expert Rev Clin Immunol. 2010;6:643.
Download: Healthcare maintenance in IBD patients flowsheet